Toagosei Hong Kong Ltd is the subsidiary company
of Toagosei Co., Ltd. distributing the chemical products,
mainly instant adhesive ‘Aron Alpha’ and ‘Krazy Glue’.
For the purpose of meeting the market needs in China,
our company was established in Hong Kong in 1993.
We do a deal with the customers in Hong Kong, China,
Southeast Asian Countries at moment.
We here provide the highest services equivalent to
the quality of Japanese management.

Please inquire about instant adhesive Aron Alpha!

If you have some question about the adhesive, please contact us.
According to your manufacturing condition,
we will propose a new idea or more suitable adhesive for you.

Please contact as below in English.

Sales: Mr. Utsumi   (English, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese)
Ms Kiki                (English, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese)
TEL: (852) 2763 1086
FAX: (852) 2763 1798
EMAIL: [email protected]


Aron Alpha
PP Primer
AA Setter


All Purpose
Wood & Leather
Gel Non Drip
4 Single Use
For Shoes